New View of God could break cycle of heredity

Eric Nelson, a published spiritual writer, Christian Science Practitioner and colleague, explores the freedom that comes from changing our perspective on life to a more spiritual one. Recent research has revealed that children may experience trauma through the effects of inherited negative experiences or practices of their parents. Could fear really be inherited?  In this article, Eric shares a possible remedy- a more spiritual fix- to this current invasive belief of genetics. Let’s see what he has discovered.

3D render of DNA on abstract backgroundEven if adopting a more spiritual perspective on life isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it could improve the lives of untold generations to come.

Parents who have a fear of math should not try to teach the subject to their kids. At least that’s what some researchers are saying.

“We found that when parents are more math anxious, their children learn significantly less math over the school year and have more math anxiety by the school year’s end,” reports Erin Maloney et al. in a study published in Psychological Science, “but only if math-anxious parents report providing frequent help with math homework.”

An easy fix, perhaps. You either stop helping your kid, hire a tutor or, as one mom living in Florida did, you ask your child’s math teacher for manuals, videos and lesson plans and self-teach your way out of the anxiety.

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