Healthcare!  We find ourselves often thinking about healthcare.  We ask:   How can we get the best care for our aging parents?  How can we afford the ongoing therapy and physician appointments for some chronic illness a family member is suffering?  Which physicians should I chose to get an accurate diagnosis?  These and others are the legitimate questions we face, when there is a healthcare need in our families.   But maybe there is another set of questions, we need to be asking ourselves.  Have we considered these:   Is a person really only physical?  Does his thinking or beliefs affect his health?  Is there a spiritual component to health, which we are overlooking?  Here are some experiences I have had which have answered these questions for me and changed the way I look and think about healthcare.

When I was a teenager, my mom took me to physicians many times to try to get relief from the periodic back pain I suffered.  I don’t recall the treatments, but I know the physicians were kind and caring.  Still, I experienced only temporary relief.  The pain continued on and off.  I don’t fault the doctors.  They came highly recommended.  And the family physician, to whom I first went to with this problem, almost seemed like a family friend, because he had been involved in helping all the members of my family.  So having a qualified physician wasn’t the problem.  They just couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of the problem.

Years later, I still had recurring back problems, but by this time I had found a different type of healthcare—spiritual healthcare.  A friend introduced me to the book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, when I was looking for spiritual answers to life’s challenges.  I wasn’t looking for spiritual healthcare, because frankly, I didn’t think there was any.  But to my great surprise, I learned from my friend, that people had been healed just from reading the ideas in this book.  I was interested and intrigued.  When I sprained my ankle shortly after receiving Science and Health, I took that opportunity to test what I had heard about the book’s healing ideas.  Amazingly, I was healed in a few hours by reading the book randomly.  What had happened?  How had this occurred?  I was filled with questions and with awe.  Was there really a way to heal using the method of Christ Jesus, as the Christian Scientists who studied this book claimed?

Experience in studying this book tells me the answer is “yes”.  The healing of my ankle was the falling apple for me that led me to a new way of viewing the world.  I began to have more healings and better overall health.  And then, when my two young children were small, and the back problem recurred, I was permanently healed in a few days through the study of Science and Health.  Since this healing I’ve come to see that healing through spiritual means comes about through a new paradigm — a way of thinking of  ourselves as spiritual ideas made by a loving Father-Mother God.  It isn’t supernatural; it’s a divinely natural healthcare system.  And that’s enough for me.

Brenda Evers

Brenda is a Christian Science practitioner from Ellicott City, Maryland


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  1. Brenda – thank you for having shared your back experience and your ‘falling apple’ awakening to the effectiveness of healing through Christian Science. I love the phrase, “divinely natural health care system” and am so grateful it is available to ALL!