Health and Worth of Thought

cartoon char thinking glow images with sigPsychologists have recently discovered how powerful thought can be to our health and well-being.  This article written by Moji Solanki, a spiritual blogger and colleague, explores thought provoking evidence that led her to the conclusion that health can be governed by right thinking!  Read what Moji has to share about the power of spiritual thinking and make that decision for yourself.

Recently on my Twitter feed, I read this quote by @psychologicalqt: ‘If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.’ This got me thinking (no pun intended), whether an insight into mentality and spirituality, both of which have to do with thought, can improve health.

The most obvious quality of mentality is that it depends on mind. In health matters, it is employed mainly by psychology, and to a lesser extent, religion. Spirituality depends on spirit and is employed mainly by religion. Without wanting to get out of my depth by delving in the deep waters of psychology, of which I confess, I am no expert, I shall base my comments of spirit and mind on the more familiar basis of spirituality – specifically, Christianity.

The overriding reason for this cogitation is to determine the relevance of the power of thought for health and healing. Can good health actually begin with a right thought? If it can, then the worth of thought has just gone up considerably. It is certainly obvious that what individuals experience begins with a thought – whether it is joy, appreciation, love; or negative emotions such as anger, hatred, resentment and so forth. Indeed, the feeling of an ache or a twinge also begins first with the thought of it. Listening to advertisements of symptoms of ill health have been known to result in the listener thinking whether such symptoms are manifesting in their experience.

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