Headline-Induced Anxiety? Don’t Despair! by Deborah Sherwood

With the influx of negative news reporting via the media, the internet, television, radio and social media- news ‘induced anxiety’ is at an all-time high.  In this article, Deborah Sherwood, a colleague and a writer on health, spiritual healing and prayer, offers a remedy to the constant exposure of negative news that can adversely effect on our physical health and emotional wellbeing. She shares her unique spiritual perspective along with statements from reputable news organizations on how to avoid the negativity that ‘anxiety induced’ headlines and stories produce.  Deborah suggests a spiritual-prayerful- approach to annulling the emotionally charged effects associated with exaggerated and fabricated news reporting. This article is a must read!

headline-induced-anxietyThe world is falling apart, if you believe everything in the media. Few of us are immune to “headline-induced anxiety.” Research and statistics show that while the world has for some decades actually become increasingly safe, healthy and humane, society perceives the opposite.

As a long-time public relations consultant, my profession required me to consume news and work closely with media. Although I was privileged to represent upstanding clients with positive stories to tell, the surrounding negative stories often forced me to make a choice: allow troubling news to spiral me into concern, or find a more healthy and constructive way to process it.

Reputable news organizations alert people to the quicksand engulfing sensational headlines and images — filling people’s minds with misinformation and myths. They warn that this can provoke a wide spectrum of mental angst, including pessimism, cynicism, helplessness and hopelessness, which can lead to anxiety, depression, fatalism, and aggression.

Responding to this need, some journalists have published content that raises awareness and provides tips to help people minimize the onset of headline-induced anxiety. These include being more well-informed about the actual facts; adopting more careful viewing habits; realizing that the media highlights extremes, while reality is a more balanced middle ground; avoiding news that triggers your own sensitivities; finding news sources that provide more positive news; shaping the media with your clicks; or even refraining from consuming news altogether.

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