Happiness and Satisfaction Guaranteed? Get to know God!

Happiness can seem very illusive and not easily obtained but maybe the way in which we seek it needs to be reconsidered.  Perhaps a shift from a strictly matter based paradigm to a more spiritual one can set us on the right path. Tony Lobl, a Christian Science Practitioner, syndicated writer and colleague, shares his spiritual insight on how to obtain and maintain joy and wellbeing in our lives.  Possibly, expressing goodness each day and striving to show and accept love can bring the happiness and joy we all are searching for.  See what Tony has discovered and decide for yourself if true joy and happiness are obtainable.

A church-goer and doctor agree, relating to the Divine is a wellbeing tip everyone should consider.

My friend’s a perfect 10. She found out yesterday, and she shared the news with her church.

Now perhaps you’re thinking Bo Derek in the movie “10”. And maybe you’re further thinking that a church meeting and being the apple of Dudley Moore’s lustful eye doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven.

You’re right!

This “perfect 10” has everything to do with happiness and satisfaction but nothing to do with sensuality.

Quite simply, my friend had agreed to take part in a survey on policing and was asked a series of questions to which she had to choose various “response options”.

“10” was “very satisfied”.

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Kate is interested in sharing blogs about the impact of prayer and spirituality on our health written by her colleagues.  As a Christian Science practitioner, Kate has experienced the power of prayer in her life as well as in the lives of others.  She is the media and legislative contact for Christian Science in Maryland. Kate can be contacted through Twitter @CScomMaryland and email at: maryland@compub.org