Graduating into a Secure Future, by Wendy Margolese

Graduation is a time to celebrate accomplishments.  It is the doorway that leads to new adventures, friendships and careers.  However, many may suffer from self-doubt upon leaving the academic world fearing what the future holds for them. Today, these types of feelings are referred to as, Post Commencement Stress Disorder (PCSD). Wendy Margolese, a colleague and writer who focuses on the relationship between thought, spirituality, health and trends, gives us her spiritual perspective on how to overcome these types of doubts and fears.  Wendy shares her own experience on this topic-suffering from doubt when no one wanted to hire her-she turned to God through prayer and found the answer. See what she figured out-the right opportunity is always available! 

Graduating into a secure futureIt’s June! University and college seniors are gearing up for the end of an era. Commencement ceremonies bring a host of mixed feelings as graduates celebrate, leave behind cherished friendships and take different paths to future endeavours.

Graduation can seem stressful even though it’s intended to be a joyful time. Graduates are being challenged to put their degrees to work in a world where the job market seems unsure and graduate placements unattainable – all amid feelings of being overwhelmed in this time of significant social change.

Post Commencement Stress Disorder (PCSD) is a term coined of late to describe the symptoms affecting new graduates when they leave the comforting bubble of the academic world.

Self-doubt, tinged however with optimism, is fueled by feeling our abilities are defined by a piece of paper – the result of lectures, exams and successful marks; or, by a job market that is subject to a wide variety of human influences. But our experience needn’t feel so limited and our future can be more secure if we understand and acknowledge the spiritual source from which our talents and abilities come and by which all aspects of our lives are governed.

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