Discovering the Divine as the Centre of the Universe, by Anna Bowness-Park

Anna Bowness-Park, a colleague and a Christian Science Practitioner, who writes about the relationship between spirituality and health, examines the recent trend in thinking called “Neo-geocentrism” in regard to the creation of the Universe.  In this article, Anna draws on her spiritual insight and the statements from an accredited astronomer to refute the idea that human consciousness is the origin of the universe.  She acknowledges through her study of the Bible and Jesus ministry that God is the Creator and the center and circumference of the universe.  Enjoy this thought provoking article-it is on my must read list!

Center of universe (1)When Commander Chris Hadfield took command of the international space station in March 2013, he did something that no commander had done before, he communicated his love of space in glorious daily tweets to the world. Canada – his country – took notice.

Like many of my citizens, I stopped my routine of fussing over the tasks and worries of the day for a moment to gaze at his amazing photos and videos, or to listen to his music. It was as if we were all there with him, peering out into space and realizing the vastness, the beauty and the majesty of a universe we might never have considered much.  For that moment, we were lifted out of ourselves and could see that there is so much more to the universe, creation and existence than our feeble imaginations and view of surrounding things – homes, yards, streets, cars, etc. – could grasp.

But a new trend has many of us tending to peer inwards instead of up and out. A recent article in Scientific American, titled “The Rise of Neo-Geocentrism,” maintains that some of our ancient beliefs about the nature of existence have never gone away. Author John Horgan points to the history of earlier astronomers such as Galileo, Copernicus and Kepler who courageously refuted the belief of the era – i.e. that the earth was the centre of the universe. Horgan suggests that in our era, humanity is again increasingly reverting back to that notion, but with a new twist – with the fascination for the nature of human consciousness; some scientists and popular new age celebrities are now suggesting that this human consciousness is the origin of the universe.  In other words – the universe is us humans.

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