A gift that actually fits, by Linda Ross

Unwrap the gift of confidence in our own decisions about life and health.

Linda Ross, a spiritual writer, Christian Science Practitioner and colleague, shares her unique perspective on healthcare options and choosing them wisely.  In this article, both physicians and spiritual leaders give strong advice about learning to trust ourselves when making decisions about our own health.  There is even a new initiative called ‘Choosing Wisely’ supported by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation that encourages people to be more involved in making their own health decisions.  Linda talks about her personal experience with choosing the right type of healthcare for her-she decided to turn to prayer.  Read how Linda was completely healed!

Have you ever received a gift you didn’t initially want or one which made you think, “I don’t know what to do with this?”

Life had been just fine before it came along, right?

But once we unwrap those strange gifts we pry open our thoughts to new possibilities. That’s what happened to me with my first bike, microwave, computer, laptop, blackberry, iPhone, and iPad. Often that new item can require a steep learning curve. Yet, remarkably, it soon becomes indispensable!

Should we open it, and open ourselves to new possibilities?

Dr. James Gordon and Deepak Chopra think so. In an online video they note that “we’re the ones who know for the most part what’s best for us”.

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Kate is interested in sharing blogs about the impact of prayer and spirituality on our health written by her colleagues.  As a Christian Science practitioner, Kate has experienced the power of prayer in her life as well as in the lives of others.  She is the media and legislative contact for Christian Science in Maryland. Kate can be contacted through Twitter @CScomMaryland and email at: maryland@compub.org


  1. What a perfect sentiment for this time of year! I’m grateful to be reminded of the precious gift each of us has forever that nothing and no one can ever take away. All the best to all of my fellow children of Love.