From Panic to Peace, by Ingrid Peschke

In this article, Ingrid Peschke, a colleague and a syndicated writer, who focuses on consciousness, spirituality and health, offers her spiritual view point in this heart- warming article. She shares her personal story of how she experienced fear and panic while traveling in a foreign country. Ingrid acknowledges how turning to God (through prayer) calmed her and supplied specific care and a solution in a busy train station in Japan. Join me and read this article and discover how fear and panic was reversed and replaced with kindness and peace.

A blur of bustling commuters rushed past me in the middle of the Tokyo train station. Everyone knew where they were going except me. Although my friends had given me detailed directions, I couldn’t remember my train connection in that moment. (This was before Google Maps!) I felt panicked and alone.

I had been in Tokyo for the weekend, and the next day I was supposed to fly home after spending my summer elsewhere in Japan as a college student teaching English. When I’d first arrived in Japan, I hadn’t been able to speak any Japanese and had known no one. It had been an amazing adventure.

Over the course of the summer I had come to find that trusting a higher intelligence than my own to guide me was invaluable as I communicated with others, made friends, and navigated the city. I took time each day to nurture my understanding of God, through reading two books that are so inspiring to me: the Bible and the textbook on Christian Science, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” by Mary Baker Eddy. I felt connected with God in a way that made me feel at home wherever I was. I had come to think of God as the ever-present Mind governing the universe, a Mind that is Love. And this wasn’t abstract to me. I felt like I could turn to God like a best friend, a parent, and a wise counselor who was available 24/7.

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