Healing Heartache helps heart health, by Joel Magnes

I am sure you have heard someone say, ‘he/she died of a broken heart’ as a reason for the passing of a family member or friend.  Surprisingly, medical findings reveal that heartache does have a negative impact on the functions of the heart and possibly the brain.   Joel Magnes, a spiritual writer, Christian Science Practitioner and colleague, shares his unique perspective on how to heal the heart through forgiveness and prayer.  Joel offers some very compelling evidence of the viable power of spiritual love that can heal all our wounds. See what he has discovered in this thought provoking article.

Forgiveness heals the heartIs heartache the same as a damaged heart muscle?  No.  But can mending a broken heart help heal heart disease?  Yes.

This phenomenon shows that our thinking has a direct correlation to our physical health.  And it’s one example of how a mental change can bring health benefits to the body.

I listened to Dr. Irv Hinds talk about his book, “Healing the Pain of Heartache:  a physician explores broken heart syndrome.”  Dr. Hinds is certified in pain management and as a cardiac anesthesiologist, formerly with the Open Heart Team in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  His current work is focused on the interrelation of mind, body and spirit and the crucial role of spirituality in breaking the cycle of pain.

He explains how heartache adversely affects heart functions and affirms that healing heartache is vital to healing heart disease.  He urges dealing with broken heart syndrome directly and not sweeping it under the rug, allowing its effects on the heart to become chronic.  The griefs, grudges, hurts, resentments we carry with us – sometimes for decades – are unhealthy.  Dr. Hinds says that if we walk around with a heavy heart that can become synonymous with heart disease.

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