Finding a Mix of Father/Mother Love for Better Health

Gender identity is a hot topic for discussion these days on television, the internet, and all the avenues of social media.  People of all ages, religious affiliations, social mores and even children are being exposed to a subject that (until recently) was relatively unheard of.  There is growing concern and debate about the transparency of this sensitive subject and its possible ramifications.  David L. Price, a syndicated writer, spiritual thinker and colleague, explores this new phenomena from a different (more spiritual) perspective.  Join me and see what David has to share about this controversial topic.

Cutout paper men standing holding hands.The conversation around gender is in the spotlight; in many circles it is hotly debated.  Gender and marriage, the effects of too much of one gender, even gender and self-identification are just a few of the conundrums many are trying to navigate. And then there is the fear that straying from the norm might be harmful; children might be affected; our very cultural legacy might be marred. Wow, that seems like a lot to wrap our collective heads around.

In a time when studies show the health benefits of social bonds created by friends and family and the effect those bonds have on longevity (love makes us healthier and live better and longer), doesn’t the very act of allowing these debates to divide friends and family seem counterintuitive? At worst, it has the tendency to disconnect us from the very human networks that might be a catalyst for better health and longer, more fulfilling lives.

This gender debate has taken different forms over the millennium. When I grew up in the seventies, gender roles were being debated in a different way – should mothers continue to stay home with their children or be allowed to work in the same industries as their husbands?

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