Fatal Attraction – Can we reverse it? by Wendy Margolese

A growing concern of today is the vulnerability of our youth to many types of malevolent suggestions and threats via the internet and social media. A recent study revealed that unhappy or troubled young people are being targeted for recruitment by hate groups on-line. Wendy Margolese, a community blogger, spiritual thinker and colleague, offers an antidote that is spiritual, always available and effective in combating this mesmeric form of evil that is invading our children’s lives. She shares her spiritual perspective on the importance of developing a relationship with God that can provide each of us a viable connection to good.

lonely boy glow images sig.jpg 1Why are Middle East terror groups successful in recruiting young people? The number of them leaving their home countries for extremist groups and a life of martyrdom is a growing crisis not only in Europe and the United States, but also here at home.

And unfortunately, if disillusioned with the cause, youth who return to their native countries can be arrested on home soil.

The UN Security Council debate on this topic suggests that alienated youth resort to social media in search of belonging and so become recruiting candidates. Such alienation is often at the heart of other youth problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, and, in extreme cases, mass shootings.

Studies show that loneliness and feelings of isolation are increasingly common as social networking replaces face-to-face bonding. Could it be that what young people are urgently seeking is a spiritual connection?

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