Fasting out of Cancer, by Karla Hackney

Photo by © Glowimages; models are used for illustrative purposes

Photo by © Glowimages; models are used for illustrative purposes

Karla Hackney, a spiritual writer, published blogger and colleague, discusses the viability and history of fasting from food as a cure for cancer and many other maladies.  She shares her own experience with a different kind of fasting-a mental and spiritual fasting that has been proven to be an effective practice in healing.  Join me and find out what Karla has to reveal on this enlightening possibility.

Fasting – it’s trendy right now, promising everything from weight loss to a cure for cancer. Fasting hearkens back to a variety of ancient traditions and, in some, carries with it the promise of spiritual clarity and physical healing.  In numerous Biblical accounts, for example, fasting was practiced in deep times of need (Job), in times of mourning and as intercessory prayer (Nehemiah and Daniel after Jerusalem had been desolated) and in times of much needed spiritual strength (Jesus fasts forty days in the wilderness and returns to heal the masses).

Although the writings are ancient, to me these accounts don’t feel so far from our modern headlines.

The call for fasting, old or new, remains a part of our world’s culture. And modern medicine is increasingly trying to determine what actual health value it might have.

For some, a prolonged period in which one abstains from solid food supports mental acuteness, bodily cleansing, and even physical healing.  One recent study, published in the March 30, 2015 Oncotarget, reports positive lab results for cancer victims associated with short fasts.

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