Conquer Fallout of Identity Theft, by Cindy Sheltmire and Deborah Sherwood

My colleagues, Cindy Sheltmire, a Christian Scientist and Deborah Sherwood, a writer who focuses on spirituality and health, share their personal experiences with the growing epidemic of identity theft taking place in the United States.  They each have spiritual viewpoints on a unique solution for the fear and trauma that identity theft can invoke.  Cindy and Deborah chose to turn to a higher power and the Bible for guidance and safety.  Read this article about the individual journey each one had in overcoming fear and how they regained their trust in good and their sense of security.

identity theftMillions are affected annually by what is considered one of the most prevalent crimes in the United States: identity theft. It strikes a chord close to home. “Missouri is the state with the highest per capita rate of reported identity theft complaints,” according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s 2015 Data Book, which was released in February. And we see this reflected in local news reports.

Although wise preventive measures are considered an essential part of any personal or organizational plan, statistics also indicate all the precautions in the world might not effectively protect us from a proficient adversary.

A recent symposium prompted us to think about our own experiences with identity theft and the lessons we have learned. For both of us, the approach went beyond the ordinary practical measures to ensure security to searching for a more reassuring and solid basis of security and identity that would rebuild and fortify our well-being.

At first, we had the same emotions and fears many victims of identity theft face: feeling violated, angry, overwhelmed, stressed and vulnerable to harmful ripple effects. But we learned to stand up to those emotions by elevating our mindset and shifting to a more spiritual resolve.

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