Election 2012

Election time again!  For whom should I vote?  Who can be trusted?  This dilemma comes up every election season.   We watch the news to try to determine who might do the best job.   If we know the candidate personally, perhaps we can vouch for his integrity and vote with confidence, but if, as is more likely, one only knows what the media says about the candidate, how can we choose wisely?  Perhaps one party or another seems more attuned to our way of thinking.  Perhaps we like what some candidates have to say and dislike what some say.  Or perhaps the inharmony of the whole political process has made us turn away in disgust.  We might think, “What is the point of voting?  My vote won’t count for much anyway.”  Still, isn’t it our duty as citizens of this great country to vote, even if some of the circumstances seem less than agreeable?

I find an answer to this election time conundrum in the Bible story of how David was chosen king ofIsrael. In the story, several appealing young brothers are displayed as possible candidates.  God guides the prophet Samuel to make the choice of the youngest, the shepherd boy David, with the words “the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”  I Samuel

I love how these words lift my thoughts to a new place when considering elections.  Maybe I don’t know what the candidates motives and aims are—what is in each one’s heart. God does know.  That knowledge that God knows is a good place to start my prayers for the elections.  I can trust that God is putting the right qualities forward to serve.  He is motivating the candidates with unselfishness, intelligence and a genuine humble desire to serve. He is letting the “better angels of our nature” come to the forefront, to quote Abraham Lincoln.

And my part?  What is my part in this election process?  Besides voting, my part is, first to continue praying that those qualities will come to the front of thought during our election time and beyond.  Additionally, I have the important role of being grateful for those who have the desire to serve in this way.  It is part of my duty to respect and honor their willingness to be public servants.  I should strive for the prophet, Isaiah’s view when he said“Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him:”

And then finally, when the elections are over and each newly elected official has taken his place in office, I must know that he will serve to the best of his ability, and I will support him whether I voted for him or not.   God will do the rest!


Guest Writer

Brenda Evers


  1. What a perfect topic for all of us right now. It is wonderful to know that the only true government is from God. He is guiding, leading, and directing each of us and that includes our elected officials.Thanks Brenda!

  2. These words give thoughtful attention to an all important decision each of us has to make this year. Bringing out God’s choice in the case of David puts the deeper qualities of the heart at the forefront. What a great example of how to think and pray about an election.

    Thanks Brenda for sharing your thoughts on this subject.