Does Age Really Matter? by Valerie Minard

Valerie Minard, a colleague and writer, who writes about the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health, explores this universal query in her thoughtful article.  She shares her spiritual insight and stories of others who challenge the long standing thought that we have to accept the thought that age can and will limit us both physically and mentally.  Valerie acknowledges that thought governs how we perceive life and by looking through a more spiritual lens (seeing ourselves as God sees us) will keep us engaged and receptive to experiencing and learning new things daily. This shift in expectation is the key to achieving and maintaining a renewed, unlimited and joyful future!

Tennis player Venus Williams gets it all the time. Questions about her age. Although the 37-year-old is ranked ninth in the world and is having her best season in years, reporters always question her age, as if she has exceeded her shelf life as a tennis player and her next game might be expected to be her last.

She reminds the reporters that age doesn’t matter. She is at the top of her game and still has much to offer.

“These things I know, that I’m quite strong and I’m quite capable,” she said. “So that’s all I need.”

When asked the reason for her continuing success, she says, “There are a lot of explanations. But all I can say is that I’m grateful.”

And perhaps those two comments — that age doesn’t matter and that she is grateful — are the key to her success. That’s a lesson we can all remind ourselves of when we begin to attach limitations to age.

While thoughts of aging focus on time — past years accumulating and fears regarding future prospects — gratitude focuses on present good. This opens our thought to all the new ways God is meeting our need and lifts our thoughts away from self-pity to how we can give back to others.

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