Dissecting Thought, by Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson

Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson, a colleague and a writer, who focuses on the relationship between thought, spirituality and health, and trends in these fields.  In this article, Dissecting thought, he specifically addresses the link between thought and health.  He, along with others in the medical field feel that mindfulness, spirituality, prayer and faith are part of effective health care.  Tim goes a step further by questioning what disease really is. Could it be thought related?  He states that disease is mentally-induced by selfishness, malice, envy and hate, etc.  He also says  that the remedy for it is to align thought (through prayer) with God, divine Mind, who is omnipotent and ever- present which reaches human thought, dissolves fears, and reaffirms our innate relationship with God as spiritual. The outcome is better health-mentally and physically.  This provocative article is a must read!

Dissecting thoughtA few years ago, my son took a college class in anatomy for his education degree.  One of his three-hour labs entailed dissecting a cat to review the parts and systems of the body for confirmation of what they had studied in class.  Although he’d been queasy, my son spoke with confidence that he had accomplished this task successfully.


Dissection gives the student a picture of the physical being.  But there is another way to look at anatomy–one that relates to our thinking.


More and more physicians are coming to the conclusion that physicality alone does not determine one’s health.  Emotional, psychological and even societal forces are being increasingly considered when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.  Dr. Christina Pulchalski, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Harold Keonig and others have made landmark strides in bringing mindfulness, spirituality, prayer and faith into the discussion of effective health care.


Still, these mental and spiritual methods are often denigrated to a secondary status – helpers – rather than considered as a primary way of treating disease.  That’s because prevalent health theories insist that man is biological, therefore disease is biological and we need something pharmacological to control or alleviate it.

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