Diffusing Violence

My car was surrounded by four men refusing to let me proceed. 

My first thoughts were, “What stupid thing have I done and what have I gotten myself into?” The image of my ending up in a dumpster flashed through my thought.

My second thoughts were, “We are brothers with the same Father-God. We were created to love one another as we love ourselves.”  Surprisingly,  with that declaration of love, I truly felt it, and I was no longer afraid.

The thoughts of love turned out to be more powerful than thoughts of stupidity.  The four men came back to the driver’s side of the car where I was and told me how to get out of the maze of alleys I had gotten lost in.

The whole incident started when I was going to be late to my daughter’s softball game and decided to take a shortcut through the city.  I had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the alleys in, what I found out later, to be the most crime-ridden portion of the city – drug deals, robberies and murders were common.

The scenario was this:  I was in a convertible with the top down.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  I had on some expensive heirloom jewelry inherited from my grandmother and mother.  The radio was playing and I was smiling.

When I saw the men in the alley, I had stopped and said I was lost and asked if they could tell me how to get back to the main road.

They surrounded my car – one on each side and one each in the front and back.

This is the point at which I began to pray as I had always done when faced with a bad situation.

When I followed their directions and made it back to the main road.  I said, “Thank you Father,” and proceeded to the softball game.

Later when I arrived home, I told my husband of the incident.  He turned white and that is when I discovered the neighborhood in which I had gotten lost was considered the most dangerous in the city.

In her best=selling book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, speaks of God and His children as “…one Father with His  universal family held in the gospel of Love.”  Acknowledging God as the Almighty Father of all had diffused the situation.

The brotherly love I had felt for them saved both me and them.

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  1. Kate – I’m so grateful for your safety and for sharing that angel message which came to you in your time of need.