Did you hear the one about the Baptist, the Muslim, and the Christian Scientist?, by Tim Mitchinson

In this article, Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson, a syndicated writer, spiritual thinker and colleague, offers his perspective on true ecumenical unity and what that could do to promote harmony and respect for all faiths and beliefs.  He suggests that we need a more expansive view of God’s love – one that would include all of mankind.  Tim shares his spiritual viewpoint on the importance of being tolerant of our differences and to rejoice in our similarities.  See what you think!

I haven’t heard it, but if there were such a joke, it would probably be based on a stereotype of one kind or another. Stereotyping another’s religion can be a hurtful thing, in some cases even malicious in its intent. It can breed fear and violence. But it can also be a red flag that something needs to change, and a time for recognizing that we can do better than this. We can do a better job of understanding one another.

Take my daughter’s first grade classroom, for example. Her main teacher was a Hindu Ph.D. candidate from India. Her aides in the classroom were three women: one Asian (religion unknown), one Christian, and one Muslim. The students in the class came from many different religions, cultures, and backgrounds.

I loved that classroom. There was no room in it for any narrow-minded thinking or religious prejudices. From clothing to holidays to customs, everyone had to be open to understanding each other and why they did the things they did. Recognizing the differences – and similarities – and empathizing with each other brought harmony to that classroom, and the same attitudes can help bring peace to our communities.


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