Developing Your Spirituality Can Heal Depression

I am happy to welcome  Brenda Evers, CS, of Ellicott City, Md, as a guest bloggist for this week

In our society today, depression (along with other problems related to mental health) is becoming more prevalent across many culture and socio-economic groups. So prevalent is it that we even have a month, every year in the US, dedicated to “National Mental Health.”

Researchers, physicians, public health and social workers are seeking solutions to a wide variety of mental health problems including depression. Over the last few decades a number of so-called “psychotropic” drugs have been developed to deal with depression, but increasingly doctors, mental health experts and the public are questioning the long-term use of mind-altering drugs that can have other negative physical side effects.  (See

One solution, increasingly studied and showing promise, is spirituality.  A simple “google” search renders a wide variety of studies, writings and approaches to how finding a spiritual source – a connection to a divine or higher power – and in some cases connection to a community of faith helps people find freedom from depression.

My own story mirrors examples in many of these studies and writings.

There was a time that I was deeply depressed.  In fact, life didn’t seem worth living.  “What is the purpose of life, anyway?” I asked myself.  This state of thought continued on and off for years.  As anyone who has been through it knows, it can be demoralizing.  It is difficult to go about your daily life.

Gradually I recognized that this depression was caused by a spiritual vacuum in my life.  I had given up on my childhood concept of God.  I had nothing left.

Then I had a strong thought that seemed to be a turning point—a thought which I later recognized as a prayer.  This strong thought was really a declaration of how far I was willing to go to find out the purpose of my existence.  This was the thought…I WOULD GIVE MY LIFE TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE!

At the time, I didn’t think much further on this idea.  The depression continued, but that thought, that prayer, impressed me strongly, and I remembered it.  It was a primal reaching out to a God, which ironically, I didn’t believe existed.   It was a desire to know spiritual truth….to know God.

Within a year or two, I found myself in a completely different situation—less depressed on the surface, working a good job, in a committed relationship, BUT still deeply yearning and searching for spiritual truth.  It became clear, even to my co-workers, that my free time was spent in reading various books to help in my search.  I had no time for socializing.  I felt deeply compelled to find an answer.

One day, a co-worker offered me a book, which, as it turned out, answered all my questions.  It not only explained the reason for my existence, but also who God is.  It explained God, showing his different aspects, through seven names for God.  These names are Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love.

What stood out to me…..what really wowed me was that one of the names for God was Truth!  Truth—the very thing I wanted to know—the very thing I was willing to give my life to know!

The book, as you may have guessed by now, is the book Christian Scientists study, along with the Bible.  It is called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  It was written by Mary Baker Eddy.   Eddy was a spiritual seeker of the latter 1800s, and she discovered what she believed to be the “science” underlying Jesus’ healings – including a number of cases of mental illness. She eventually coined this discovery “Christian Science.”   It has changed my life.  Depression is a thing of the past.

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  1. Wow Brenda! Thanks for this blog post. I can completely relate to discovering CS later in life and feeling like you have finally landed where you always knew you would!