Comforting Aurora

The whole nation is comforting you Aurora! With love, compassion, and heartfelt prayers.

Whether one believes in God or not; whether one believes in eternal life or not; there is nothing that can separate these dear ones from the hearts that knew them, loved them, were inspired by them, were joyful because of their presence.

No one involved in this tragedy will be forgotten – each of the twelve will be forever held in a love that goes beyond any human source of comfort – the community of Aurora is held in the all embracing arms of the Almighty who is Love and a Love that is Almighty.

The good works and deeds of those lost will continue forever. This tragic act will not keep the world from knowing them and comforting their families and friends. The blessing, love, joy and promise they embraced will continue to do just what they do – bless, encourage and bring joy.

“Everlasting arms of Love are beneath, around, above;  God it is who bears us on, His the arm we lean upon.

He our ever-present guide faithful is, whate’er betide;  Gladly then we journey on, with His arm to lean upon.”


This poem is based on a hymn by John R. Macduff

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  1. Whether you believe in a life after death or believe that it ends, one thing is certain. The individuals victimized in Aurora, for that matter all that have passed, live on through the people they have touched. As long as they are remembered by those still here, they are not gone, they live on forever.

    • Thank you Mike for your comment. One of my children is exploring her genealogy, so even those we do not know are living withing us from generation to generation.