Chronic Pain: Bearable, manageable or stoppable? by Deborah Sherwood

A recent study revealed that 57 percent of Americans suffer from chronic pain.  Deborah Sherwood, a colleague and writer who explores the impact of thought and spirituality on health and safety, shares her personal experience with chronic pain.  Deborah talks about her journey out of stress and pain from a spiritual perspective. She explains how a shift in thought- that resulted in a complete healing-was the result of turning to God through prayer with trust and the expectation of good. I know you will enjoy learning about this life changing cure that is available to everyone!

Chronic Pain girl with bikeLike so many parents today, anyone who knew me could see I was the epitome of the adage, “if you want something done, ask a busy person.” As a full-time working mom, I was devoted to ensuring my kids didn’t feel short-changed when compared to friends with homemaker moms. At the same time, I felt it essential to model an ethic of nonprofit service elbow-to-elbow with my kids.

It seemed that I was managing to cover all the bases, and I didn’t see anything that could be eliminated or simplified. There was one thing that kept nagging at me though – a dull pain in my shoulder. It took some time and thought, but I learned a lot of lessons about the mental nature of pain — and how to control it, rather than letting it control me.

I didn’t know then that I was part of a staggering national statistic — the high percentage of Americans who report they experience chronic pain. It was forty-seven percent in a 2012 Gallup-Healthways study.

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