Can we heal the culture of violence? by Kay Stroud

In today’s society violence has become a focal point in community discussions.  Despite years of efforts to prevent violence from growing the consensus of opinion is that until the ‘real cause’ for the violence is treated these efforts are futile.  Research has revealed that acknowledging and recognizing man’s spiritual nature is an effective tool in neutralizing and healing violence.  Kay Stroud, a spiritual thinker, syndicated writer and colleague, explores the possibility of a more spiritual approach to combat violence.  Let’s find out what spiritual insight Kay has to share.

Gentle Hands: Photo by © Glow images

Gentle Hands: Photo by © Glow images

THE issue of violence is prominent in our community conversations at the moment. Terrorism, drug-related violence, domestic and institutional abuse, and even road rage are insistently crying out for our attention.

Despite serious efforts over many years to prevent violence, to deal with its effects and to punish the perpetrators, there’s now general agreement that violence will continue to escalate and to propagate fear in the community until we find and treat the real causes.

Fundamental beliefs that underlie and perpetuate violence are: that humans have an animal nature prone to competition, self-preservation and aggression; that certain brain-based dysfunctions may be the root of violence, aggravated by abuse or neglect during childhood; and that there are deeply rooted social and cultural patterns, leading to a distorted sense of manhood and womanhood, that may take generations to change.

People working in the police and community services often speak of how addiction and abuse reoccur from generation to generation, and there is now general realization that special attention needs to be given to the families involved. There is some progress in breaking this cycle, as communities work together to fight apathy and educate each other.

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