The Biggest Medical Myths of them All, by Eric Nelson

Solid matter is not what it appears to the human eye to be.  Scientists and philosophers have had the knowledge and belief that matter is made up of space and held together by a force or forces for quite a long time.  What a mind blowing concept that what we touch and see is actually not solid at all.  Eric Nelson, a Christian Science Practitioner, a syndicated writer and colleague, explores this idea from his own unique perspective and experience. Perhaps, the force that holds us and the universe together is God – many believe it to be so.  Eric proposes that we are all capable of seeing (if only a little) the spiritual nature of the universe.  This eye opening article gives us a lot to think about.

True false finalScientists continue to remind us that what looks and feels like solid matter is actually made up mostly of space.\For instance, contrary to popular belief, eating late at night does not make you fat; you don’t need to drink eight glasses of water a day; cold weather does not make you sick; and sugary foods do not cause hyperactivity in kids.

The problem is, a lot of us have a hard time letting go of these notions, especially when personal experience appears to confirm them – like the parents who see their child jumping up and down at a birthday party, assuming it was the overly frosted cake and not the festive environment that caused this sudden burst of energy.

But of all the medical myths that need to be discarded, there’s a larger question that looms: Could the very idea that we are essentially matter-based beings forever beholden to matter-based bodies also be a myth?

Sure, it may look and feel like we’re nothing more than a bunch of molecules all scrunched together into a particular shape. But scientists continue to remind us that what looks and feels like solid matter is actually made up mostly of space.

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