Beyond “having it all”–Women’s rights and women’s health

September is Women’s Health month.  Brenda Evers, is contributing this post on this important issue.

Women’s rights and women’s health are hot topics and sync well with the current news of women “having it all”. (1)   But something has been left out of the discussion.  I’m not talking here about a woman’s right to an education, or her right to contraceptive options or even her right to work, although each of these has been shown to affect a woman’s health. (2)

I am talking about spiritual rights, and, yes, how these affect a woman’s health.  That may be a new – or foreign – idea to many readers.    Perhaps you haven’t thought about the fact that all people, men and women have spiritual rights!   But think about it this way.  Do you feel you have the right to think for yourself?  Yes, of course, you do!  Do you feel that no one or no authority, other than yourself, has the final say in what is right for you?  Probably, you do!  That is likely because you feel that you can do a pretty good job of deciding, with some informed help, all by yourself.  Right?

How about the right to be free from fear?  Well, that, too, is a right.  All of these are your spiritual rights—the right to think for yourself, the right to decide what is best for you, and the right to be free of fear.  I see all of these as spiritual rights, because, even more than political or human rights, these are necessary for me to feel free.

What about the right to health?  In today’s debate about healthcare, there is a lot of discussion about patients having their choice of care.  Clearly, many see choice and decision making about care as a right.  But, what about health itself?  Don’t we have that right?   Yes, I think that, too, is a spiritual right, and here is why.

As a young woman, I often suffered extreme menstrual pain.   I had experienced this pain for years.  It forced me to often miss school and work, and wait miserably for the pain to go away.  And this recurring pain made me constantly fearful of its returning.   I felt I had lost my freedom to be in control of my day to day life.

But one day was different.  That day, I mentally rebelled against the injustice of it.  I demanded my rights!  I felt like a warrior battling an enemy.   I also turned for comfort and guidance to a higher power, which I see and experience as a loving Father-Mother God.  I reminded myself of what I had been recently learning—that God does not send pain.  That God, divine Love, destroys pain and disease through feeling and expressing this love.

I had been reading a book which a friend had given me that is all about the mental and spiritual nature of health. It’s titled Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.   The wonderful ideas in that book inspired me, giving me courage to take a stand.

So what happened?  Well, what happened was that I was healed…completely…totally…that very day.  No more pain!  No more fear!  I had claimed my right to freedom from pain and fear and my right to health!  My husband and I went on to have a family of three children.  I had normal monthly menstrual cycles, and with no pain.

Was it really that easy?  Yes, it was!  I claimed my freedom based on my identity as God’s beloved child.  It healed me permanently that day.

So that brings the question, “If menstrual cramps can be healed by claiming ones spiritual rights, what else can be healed this way?”

In truth, not only can other so-called women’s problems, such as those associated with childbirth (3) and menopause (4), be overcome, but so can diseases of all types.

So claim your rights!  Your spiritual freedom awaits!




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Brenda is a writer who loves to learn about and share with readers the connection between spirituality and health. In addition, she is a Christian Science Practitioner in Ellicott City, Maryland.  She and her husband and children spent many wonderful years in Southern California and now are happy to have returned to the “Land of the Green”, beautiful Maryland.


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  1. Thank you Kate for your wonderful blots that inspire me each week. Thank you Brenda for such a clear and practical sense of our spiritual rights. This hits very close to home for me and I am so grateful to be able to use these thoughts in my own life. Let freedom ring! 🙂