Are Artsy Men Healthier Men?

In this article, Cynthia Barnett, a spiritual thinker, syndicated writer and colleague, investigates new research that revealed the favorable impact of creativity on the biological and chemical effects of disease.  The healthcare industry is now incorporating the arts as a viable form of treatment for diseases that range from dementia to cancer.  Cynthia shares her own unique spiritual perspective on this enlightening and effective break through.  Join me and read what she has discovered.

man painting sigScience now suggests that creative outlets might be a key to longer, healthier, happier lives.

Are you one of the growing number of “macho’ men who’s recently taken to knitting or crayons and coloring books? These popular stress-busting trends for adults point to something we’re just beginning to better understand –the positive role the arts can play in improving health.

To experience uplifting art is to find greater inspiration, ability, and beauty in our lives than would often be possible without them. As each of these spiritual qualities is felt in our experience, we may glimpse the presence of the source of creativity, the Creator, in each of us.

Realizing the positive role arts can play, even without knowing exactly why it happens, the healthcare industry is quickly incorporating a wide variety of the arts into their treatment of patients, from dementia to cancer. Nearly half of American hospitals today have arts programs of some sort. Medical Centers at Duke, Indiana University and Cleveland have spent large sums to install visual arts along the walls in order to reduce pain, anxiety, stress and discomfort in their patients.

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