Are you digesting the news in a healthy way?

The news media of today has the capability of transmitting its version of the news in the blink of an eye through the internet (with its numerous venues), the television and the radio. Unfortunately, the majority of the news we are fed is the negative aspect of the events that have occurred during the day, the week or the hour.  This constant focus on all the calamity, disease and death may have a negative effect on both our physical health and mental wellbeing. Wendy Margolese, a syndicated writer, spiritual thinker and colleague, shares her unique perspective on a way to filter our diet of media negativity with a spiritual connection that is available to us all. Wendy provides us with an antidote that has been successful in neutralizing this type of sensationalism for herself, her friends and others who have asked her for help. You decide after reading her thought provoking article- if a more balanced view of the news is what you are looking for!

Are you digesting the news in a healthy way?lContemporary reporting feeds us with death, disaster, and the latest health hazard. Satellites have opened the airwaves to almost immediate visual record of what is happening throughout the world.

It’s important to consider how digesting such a news diet affects us.

In a TED talk, economist JP Rangaswami compared the health effects of news consumption to those of eating only fast food. He referred to the movie ‘Supersize Me’ where such consumption proved unhealthy.

No doubt there is an ethical dilemma here – telling the news in a compelling manner and in a competitive environment– but toning down the theatrics or sensationalism.

We all wish to keep informed of local and world events, but a constant diet of negative news stories would have us wrongly believe that a higher ratio of bad things happen than good, and that we are vulnerable to these bad things.

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