Are there really more reasons to be sick? by Eric Nelson

A new trend in the medical world is the identifying and naming of ‘pre-diseases’ that are directly associated with the belief in the probability of developing certain diseases or conditions in the future. Eric Nelson, a colleague and Christian Science Practitioner, explores this new phenomena that is spreading via social media, advertisements and by way of medical information web sites.  He shares his spiritual view point on this alarming trend, (along with comments from others associated with the medical community), of imposing this oppressive type of ‘decree’ that in the majority of people causes unnecessary fear and anguish. Join Eric and find out what he has discovered about this provocative topic!

Is there a reason to be sick today(1) (1)‘As if actual diseases weren’t frightening enough,’ writes Brian Fung, ‘we now have what seems like a whole encyclopedia of pre-diseases to fear.’

According John Fauber and Kristina Fiore, illness is on the rise. Not because more people are getting sick, but because more people are being given reasons to think of themselves as sick.

“Know someone who shouts and pounds on the steering wheel when cut off in traffic? They might be one of 16 million Americans said to suffer from ‘intermittent explosive disorder,’” write Fauber and Fiore in a recent investigative report. “Can you polish off a box of cookies while watching your favorite TV show? Could be a sign of ‘binge-eating disorder,’ said to afflict 7 million Americans.”

Twenty years ago, no one had even heard of these conditions. But all of a sudden, thanks in part to new definitions of disease and the advent of so-called pre-conditions, millions of people have been labeled with medically treatable disorders.

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