Beyond Anger Management – Anger Busting! by Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson

Anger management has become a hot topic of discussion in the United States and over much of the world.  Both psychologists and physicians have come to the conclusion that anger can be extremely harmful to our health both mentally and physically.  Thomas (Tim) Mitchinson, a colleague and syndicated writer who focuses on the relationship between thought, spirituality and health, gives us his spiritual perspective on an anger defusing remedy that is free and available to each of us.  Tim shares an experience that proves how powerful prayer and an understanding of God can be in combating anger and discord in any situation we may find ourselves in.  Read this compelling article and discover a unique spiritual point of view that replaces anger with harmony!

Anger BustingWhen someone criticizes you, do you hold back or do you “let them have it” –in a barrage of emotion and harsh words?

Annie Hinchliff, a chartered psychologist working in anger management has stated, “Anger can have a deleterious effect on our emotional well-being. While some people experience an initial thrill, an angry outburst is usually followed by considerable remorse.” Sound familiar?

The medical journal PLoS One reported on research conducted in 2012 by the University of Granada, Spain. The study found that individuals who were angry over their past were more susceptible to negative physiological effects, including greater sensitivity to pain.

Negative effects aside, many individuals are looking for ways to manage or control the anger they feel. While there are many advocates for various pharmaceutical and psychological therapies, this leads us to consider a further question: Is there a way to actually dissolve the anger that may be building up in our lives? Could it be that we are looking for a peace that not only lowers the anger factor, but also counteracts the pressures building up in us?

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