…and a little child shall lead

I just finished a book, Heaven is for Real, A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back,  by Todd Burpo, the boy’s father, an ordained minister.  In the book, a four year old boy is so certain of the heaven he has experienced that he unabashedly and unhesitatingly shares what he learned, who he saw, and the beauty of it.  Over and over again, he mentions how much Jesus loves little children.

The child was undergoing emergency surgery.  There was little hope of recovery.  During the operation, he left his body and saw himself on the operating table and his parents praying.  During this time he experienced heaven and saw Jesus, his grandfather, rainbows with glorious colors and much more. Over the next year or so, he would state his facts about heaven that were amazing to his parents.

Jesus tells us, “except ye become as a little child, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 18:3) And Mary Baker Eddy, a renowned religious leader of the late 1800’s and a close follower of Jesus’ teachings, expounds on Jesus’ saying when she writes, “Jesus loved little children because of their freedom from wrong and their receptiveness of right.  While age is halting between opinions or battling with false beliefs, youth makes easy and rapid strides towards Truth.” (Science and Health, page 236)

It is amazing to me how the natural innocence of a small child can resolve a situation with such simplicity and unswerving trust.

When my daughter was 4, she showed me what it meant to live “as a little child” – to trust God’s care so completely that there was no hesitation to help a friend.

I was driving her and two of her friends home from nursery school.  She was in the front seat with me and the two boys were in the back.  The boys in the back began fighting over who knows what and one received a bloody nose.

There was no settling them down.  I couldn’t wait to get them home.

I was “halting between two opinions” – the one to get the boys home as quickly as possible and the other to stop the car.  The one to pray hadn’t even crossed my mind.

While I was fumbling in my purse for a Kleenex to help contain the bleeding, my daughter took matters into her own hands.

She calmly turned around and said to the boy with the bloody nose, “Do you believe in God?”

The boy answered, “Yes.”

Then my daughter said to him, “Well, God wouldn’t give you a bloody nose.  He loves you and Phillip.”

And that was that.  Not only did the fighting stop but the nose quit bleeding.  I was able to get the boys home without another incident.

I was in awe.  My daughter attended Sunday School ever since she could walk.  She was taught how to pray.  She knew God loved all His children and would never allow any of them to be angry or hurt.

It was natural for her.  Her childlike trust that God was caring for all had a powerful effect on me that day.







  1. I love this story. Is it really THAT simple??? How amazing and wonderful the news of Christ-like simplicity, thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful message of childlike trust. I love it!