Almost an Ashley Madison Encounter

The Ashley Madison scandal is a buzz nationwide exposing thousands of husbands and wives in infidelity.  Linda Ross, a syndicated spiritual writer and colleague, shares her own personal experience with this topic in this thoughtful and informative article. She explores a more spiritual approach in discovering right relationships.  Let’s join Linda and read what she has to say about this disturbing trend.

Love is not always true Looking for love…

Infidelity is in the news – big time.

As a result of the recent Ashley Madison hack, thousands are waking up to find their spouse believes it’s alright to seek a quick, romantic fling on the side.

I know how that feels. It was my husband’s infidelity that ended my first marriage. In the trauma of the ensuing divorce, I made a vow never to expose myself to such suffering again. It would be far easier (or so I thought) to remain celibate – simply no more involved relationships!

But I was in for a surprise. Soon after making that personal declaration I met a man who made it completely understandable to me why 35 million people were discovered to be Ashely Madison subscribers. After our first date I felt eager to toss my new vow aside.


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