A survey of one: Spiritual practice key to religion’s survival, by Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson, a colleague and a writer, who writes about the link between consciousness and health from the perspective of a Christian Science practitioner, explores this provocative topic. Eric offers his spiritual insight on the relevance of religion in today’s society.  He shares the results of a survey by a San Francisco radio station indicating religion is in decline.  Eric acknowledges how (for many years) the experience he has at his church’s Wednesday Meeting has been uplifting, full of grace and offers a healing atmosphere where God’s love is found. Read this extraordinary article on the evidence that religion continues to be a vital part of life today and forever!

Any religion that encourages and supports a deeper appreciation of God and an unconditional love for humanity will continue to progress and to thrive.

By their own admission, the results of San Francisco radio station KALW’s recent religious survey are “not necessarily statistically valid.” Even so, they reinforce what many of the more scientific studies have been suggesting for some time: Religion is in decline.

“I would say [I’m] spiritual and religious by preference,” wrote one survey participant, “but traumatized by several churches, so church is no longer in my life.”

“I agree with many of the ideas and values of Christianity, but am against extremism of any kind,” wrote another. “I feel like ‘religious’ people are the most judgmental individuals ever.”

Still, well over half of those surveyed, regardless of church participation, indicated that some form of daily spiritual practice is important to them – an indication, perhaps, that religion’s so-called decline is not as precipitous, or as inevitable, as some might assume.

As a Christian, one of my favorite spiritual practices is getting together with friends at church every Wednesday night to listen to an inspiring message, sing a few hymns, pray with and for one another, and express our gratitude to God for blessings large and small.

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