A letter to my goddaughter on the occasion of her first Communion, by Eric Nelson

A letter to my goddaughter on the occasion of her First Communion, by Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson, a colleague and a writer, who writes about the link between consciousness and health from the perspective of a Christian Science practitioner, shares a personal experience in this lovely article.  He writes a letter to his dear goddaughter expressing how special spiritual communion with God is and how loved she is by God.  Eric acknowledges how communion can and should be celebrated everyday-the love of God is unbreakable, eternal and always present.  Read this heartwarming article and cherish your communion with God today!

A service at a local Catholic Church reminds this writer of the promise he’s made to be just as good, just as generous, just as loving as Jesus.

June 19, 2017 – Dear Isabella,

What a joy it was to watch you taking part in your first Holy Communion. Everything about the event – the music, the prayers, the cheerful priest, you in your pretty white dress – all of it made for a truly memorable day.

I remember seeing you the night you were born, attending most of your eight birthday parties and showing up for a handful of your soccer games and school productions. But for some reason, seeing you walk down the aisle of St. Robert’s Church stands out as the most special moment of them all. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this was the first time since your christening that you and I had taken part as fellow Christians in such a sacred ceremony.

Although I’d never attended an event like that before, communion is something I celebrate every day, just not in the same way. Like you, perhaps, I see communion as a kind of promise I make to do my best to be just as good, just as generous, just as loving as Jesus – only without the bread and wine.

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