13 Reasons Why: Spiritual support for your teen’s mental health, by Ingrid Peschke

Ingrid Peschke, a colleague and a writer, who focuses on consciousness, spirituality and health, explores this topic from a spiritual perspective. In this article, Ingrid talks about teen suicide (a growing problem) and critiques a current TV series which may have a negative influence on the well- being of vulnerable teens. Ingrid acknowledges how turning to God through prayer for guidance and support has benefitted and protected her own teenage children from negative influences of every kind.  This article is on my must read list-I hope it will be on yours!

13 reasons why (1)The new Netflix original TV series 13 Reasons Why prompted educators and mental health professionals to issue strong warnings to parents and schools. The series, based on the fictional book of the same name, has been trending on social media since its original release at the end of March. It chronicles the life of high school student Hannah Baker and the thirteen reasons she feels led to her suicidal death.

The initial media attention and educator warnings caused Netflix to issue their own advisories on the series’ graphic portrayal of sensitive topics. Many are worried vulnerable teens will watch the show without the help of a responsible adult to process the difficult themes, which include portraying suicide as almost inevitable, even romanticized, according to critics.

As a parent of teens, I’ve given a lot of thought to providing an open environment for discussing concerns in their lives. Our talks tend to veer in the direction of faith, since love for God and the wisdom of the Bible have provided an invaluable anchor for my children’s spiritual and character education.

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