Your 12 Steps to a Stress-free Christmas, by Kay Stroud

With the holidays quickly upon us, Kay Stroud, a colleague and a writer who focuses on the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health, shares twelve unique ideas on how to achieve calm and peacefulness during an often stress-filled season.  She offers many spiritual and thoughtful remedies, such as, forgiveness, gratitude, patience and brotherly love.  Each of us can benefit from reading this article-it may have just the stress buster we need for a happy holiday-stress-free! 


  1. Start with stillness. There is always so much to be done before Christmas, so before starting go somewhere quiet to gain a sense of poise. It might be your greatest gift to family and friends, as well as fellow workers, shoppers and shop assistants. “Be the calm you want to see!”2. Let love lead you. Take opportunities to spread seasonal “peace and goodwill”. Reordering priorities to do everything with intentional love can bring a sense of calmness and control, allowing you to get everything done more smoothly.

    3. Value family and friends. As you sign, seal and send your Christmas cards (via email or snail-mail) treat each one as an opportunity to value the person you are sending it to.

    4. Be kind to yourself and others. Research shows kindness is good for your health. So saying sorry, no matter who causes the collision, might be the way to negotiate crowded streets, transport and busy shopping centres.

    5. Shop ethically. “Treat others as you would like to be treated” (the Golden Rule) could translate to “love the Christmas crowds as you would want them to love you.”

  2. Embrace spontaneity. The need to balance work, domestic duties and social activities is always more acute at Christmas time. Keeping an open mind and making room for flexibility as each day unfolds reduces stress and increases joy.

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