10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Healing Prayer

This article written by Tony Lobl, a lecturer, spiritual writer, thinker and colleague, talks about the power of prayer to heal life-challenges that we all may face.  He shares experiences from his own spiritual journey in the healing practice of Christian Science.  Join me and enjoy Tony’s thought provoking and educational ideas on prayer-based healing.

door open with white glow glow images with sigI’ve learned about the true healing power as a Christian Science Practitioner.

When I was a teenager, I experienced an unexpected moment of spiritual awareness as I lay in bed, deeply troubled by a doctor’s prognosis. I wasn’t praying as such, yet I suddenly became aware of a divine presence, loving me. That calmed my troubled thoughts and prompted a physical healing. At the time, I was a non-religious Jew, and I wanted to understand how such a healing could happen.

In my twenties, a friend gifted me a copy of Mary Baker Eddy’s powerful book on prayer-based healing, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and I found the answers I was looking for. There are references to Scripture throughout Science and Health, which bring out its core spiritual message. Seeing the Bible in this light led me to pick it up, read it, and love it. I’m now a Christian Science practitioner, serving as the UK and Irish media liaison for the Christian Science movement.

Here are some key points about the prayer-based healing I practice.

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Kate is interested in sharing blogs about the impact of prayer and spirituality on our health written by her colleagues.  As a Christian Science practitioner, Kate has experienced the power of prayer in her life as well as in the lives of others.  She is the media and legislative contact for Christian Science in Maryland. Kate can be contacted through Twitter @CScomMaryland and email at: maryland@compub.org